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Non-Slip Car Seat Covers (Buckwheat Hulls Gray)

Non-Slip Car Seat Covers (Buckwheat Hulls Gray)

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best buckwheat hulls to fill car seat cushion. It is pollution free, pure, odourless, green free and eco-friendly. Flexible buckwheat hulls form a cellular structure within the cushion. It is ventilated, breathable, moisture-proof, can be worn in four seasons.
congestion as a result of driving for a long time.
adopts all natural linen fabrics. Natural linen fabrics can breathe freely and absorb sweat. They are warm in winter, cool in summer, and can fit well. meets the requirements for environmental protection. Using an overall horizontal line fixing 3D design, it will not affect the use of the function buttons on one side of the seat, or the use of the seat belt buckle.
The Car Seat Cover Perfectly Fits Satchback, Sedan, SUV, MPV And Small, Compact And Medium Trucks... Covers 96% Of Car Models Driving On The Road.


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